Sunday, September 13, 2009

For those of you who know me, know I love AUTUMN, with Carmel Apples, Carmel Popcorn, spiced Carmel Apple cider drink from Starbucks, Ok so I love Carmel. Really the fall is a time that I look froward to, my birthday is over and the shock of getting older dealt with, and a renewed sense of I can do this...but really I do love the color changes in the mountains. This year Devin my first born grandson is on his way to pre-k. where does the time go.

I got new pictures of my grandkids, and thought I would let you take a look at what really puts a smile on my face everyday.

Braxton (Tom's Boy) Mckenzie & Devin (Shannon's kids)
She thinks her brother hung the moon!
What a smile this kid has.


Stephanie said...

Momma you're a total hottie in that first pic. ;)

Gene and Lorie Brinkerhoff said...

Love the pic's of the kids. I miss seeing all of you. And Steph is right you are a hottie in that pic.

Connie said...

So I came across this blog and I must say you are hot. Your grandchildren are adorable. I look forward to reading more. Hope you are well. If you want to keep in touch my e-mail is Love and miss you. Connie

Danna Smith said...

Great pictures Sher, love and miss you :)