Thursday, March 12, 2009

New granddaughter

Words can not describe the joys of watching a baby be born.. Last Friday 3\6\09 my daughter Shannon had my first granddaughter. Shannon named the baby McKenzie Ann, she is so small and sweet I am grateful all went well with her. Mom and baby are doing great. Devin said to me "McKenzie is lucky to have me for a big brother" and he is so right. I got to spend some time with all three of my grand kids over the weekend it was GREAT fun and it was so good to have my kids with me as well, except Steph she was in Mexico for work, but Brandon was here from school, and Tom, Brittney and Braxton came from Vegas It really was a great time. Family... nothing like it

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dating After 40

I find that dating after 40, is in fact a challenge. I will admit it I am on a dating web site I joined to just “look” at the wonderful men that the due to know fault of their own are divorced or single, and back on the market. I have met some really nice men, and it is in fact true there are some. But I want to share a email I received with you, warning this might make all you single women jealous, and all you married ones wonder why you husband is not this romantic so read on at your own risk

I was looking at some profiles here and I came across yours ... Wow, incredible profile & you are really stunning, gorgeous actually your profile looks astonishingly beautiful and I will never hesitate bowing my head respectfully seeking a mutual meeting of our two souls. I am being captivated by your profile as the bee falls in love with the honey bearing nectar. I will greatly appreciate a journey with you, a journey to discover what destiny has in store for our two yearning souls. I am Robin and I am interested in you Have you found your Mr. right yet? If you are still searching, I would like to know more about you, what motivates you? What makes your heart leap with passion? Love? Joy? I would be looking forward to hearing from you soon ..Please email me back directly to my email address as I don't visit this site much..My email address is …………………and incase you want to see a picture of me just click on my album and you will find 2 there, one is of I and my daughter and the other one is just me .....I am hoping to read back from you soon.


I warned you all, so you single women know there are good ones left, and for you married ones look what you are missing. I left his email off, I do not want all you sneaky women trying to steel him from me. I hope one day to be to him like door is to mat...wish me luck